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Safety and Security mission


CLIENT: Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Work for the United Nations
PROJECT: In charge of the safety of GIZ staff In Mali for an electoral observation mission.
CHALLENGE: Ensure the safety and security of over 100 people in a very uncertain security context.

  • Risk assessment
  • Emergency Management Unit
  • Developing evacuation plans
  • Close protection and continuous monitoring

RESULTS: Customer satisfaction and reference letter

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Protection of diplomatic mission


CLIENT: The European Union
PROJECT: To ensure the safety of European Union personnel and goods in Colombia.
CHALLENGE: Safety management of diplomats in Colombia

  • Non stop monitoring, patrols and screening of visitors
  • Traning program for th EU delegates
  • Crisi Management

RESULTS: Customer satisfaction and reference letter

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Safety management

Tripoli - Benghazi - Sebha

CLIENT: European aeronautics group
PROJECT: Aeronauticmaintenance contract for a local airline.
CHALLENGE: To manage the security of a team of engineers deployed in Libya.

  • Accompaniment of staff during trips and at their accomodation
  • Provision of support staff trained in safe driving
  • Staff training on safety procedures and first aid
  • Provision of a 24/7 emergency phone number
  • Permanent reporting back to the client's safety management team

RESULTS: The client was able to carry out its operations in complete security for more than 3 years, despite the changing security conditions.

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Security detail

Tripoli - Libya

CLIENT: Ambassadors to Western countries
PROJECT: Visit of ambassadors Libyan authorities
CHALLENGE: To provide a security detail to ambassadors during their movements in Tripoli.

  • Provision of an advanced team
  • Reception of ambassadors and their team
  • Provision of an expat security detail
  • Provision of logistical solutions
  • Logistics coordinated alongside local authorities

RESULTS: Ambassadors were able to restore their credentials and organize business meetings in complete security.

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Maritime security

West Africa

CLIENT: Major telecom company
PROJECT: WACS Cable-Laying operations
CHALLENGE: Protect its crew and assets throughout the duration of a major transnational cable-laying operation.

  • Design a bespoke solution
  • Conduct risk assesment and hardening of the vessel
  • Deliver briefing and training to the client's personnel
  • Act as liaison between the local authorities and the client
  • Deploy and coordinate the security set-up

RESULTS: The operations were successfully conducted

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Business Travellers security



  • Provide access to a 24/7 security information portal.
  • Establish a secure support and global positioning system.
  • Provide a local coordinator.

RESULTS: The resources put in place enabled the safe and effective launch of the project.

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Site Protection

West Africa


  • Prepare security plans and procedures.
  • Establish an operational team to train and supervise 600 guards.
  • Ensure the administrative and socio-economic management of the site.
  • Act as liaison between the police, employees, regional authorities and our client.

RESULTS: The project was completed on time and without incident.

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Personal protection

South Africa

CLIENT: Media.
PROJECT: Coverage of a sporting event.
CHALLENGE: To ensure the safety of VIP guests and 120 on-site employees.

  • Provide training for the teams before their departure.
  • Establish a security risk monitoring service.
  • Close protection of VIPs.
  • Establish a secure support system for journalists and technicians.

RESULTS: While many foreign journalists were victims of petty crime, no incidents were reported among the teams and VIPs supervised by GEOS.

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Crisis management

Afrique de L'Ouest

CLIENT: Multiple clients based in the region.
PROJECT: Crisis management.
CHALLENGE: To provide an effective response to crisis situations.

  • Protect over 150 expatriates and their families.
  • Establish a plan for the emergency evacuation of personnel by air.
  • Establish a business continuity support service.

RESULTS: Our customers have been able to safeguard their economic interests.

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Security for major projects


CLIENT: Consortium for a rail project.
PROJECT: Construction of transnational rail infrastructure.
CHALLENGE: To define and provide input to the project planning phase.

  • Update the security principles and standards applicable to the infrastructure.
  • Conduct detailed studies on access control, security organisation, estimated costs, etc.

RESULTS: GEOS provided support and advice to the various infrastructure designers during the project planning phase.

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Security consultancy

West Africa

CLIENT: Major oil group.
PROJECT: Drilling project.
CHALLENGE: To evaluate the security situation with a view to protecting its employees.

  • Identify and anticipate threats.
  • Assist our client to make the best decisions regarding the movement of their employees.
  • Provide training for employees before their departure.

RESULTS: During the project, expatriates of the oil group experienced no security issues.

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CLIENT: Private hospital operator.
PROJECT: Implementation of an extensive clinic acquisition programme in France.
CHALLENGE: To manage the impact on the organisation and the group's image with its local partners and the media.

  • Assist the group to establish a cross-functionnal risk and crisis management system.
  • Prepare Group Risk Managers for public speaking.
  • Train personnel on newly established procedures.

RESULTS: The client was able to successfully complete the acquisitions.