The GEOS Group is committed to respect the Rule of Law and Human Rights in its activities. A demonstration of this strong commitment by the Group’s Management is its signature of the International Code of Conduct (ICOC) in November 2010, subsequent to the Montreux Document.
 In its capacity as a private security company, the GEOS Group provides security services and protects its clients’ interests in a responsible manner.
To successfully carry out its mission and enhance the moral value of its employees, the GEOS Group approached the Association of International Code of Conduct for having its Ethical Policy and good practices certified.
Similarly, and with the aim of continuously improve its ethical policy, the GEOS Group has undertaken to process any report by one of its employees, or by a third party, regarding any violation of the International Code of Conduct and any failing by it or one of its subsidiaries.
For this purpose, a dedicated mail box for these reports (so-called “complaints”) is available to everyone at the following address: The Human Resources Department (HRD) of the GEOS Group will investigate any “complaints” and will follow them up as quickly as possible. The HRD will scrupulously respect the strictest confidentiality on receiving, processing and investigating complaints.
The processing of these reports is carried out completely anonymously in order to protect the complainants’ identity. This procedure aims to be fair, accessible and impartial so that it is as effective as possible. These files are archived in various folders of our mailbox pending them being sent to the competent authorities if necessary.
Should a GEOS Group staff member violate the International Code of Conduct, disciplinary sanctions would immediately be taken against that person.
If an employee of the GEOS Group, or of one of its subsidiaries, complained in good faith about violations of the International Code of Conduct, they would then be assured of receiving the necessary protection against reprisals caused by their testimony.