Army General (2S)

2013-2014: Inspector General of the Armed Forces
2010-2013: Director of Military Intelligence
2008-2010: Head of Defence Security and Protection
2005-2008: DGSE Operations Director 

Intelligence advisor fo 4 Defence Ministers
Member of the National Intelligence Council (2008-2013)

Christophe DANTOINE

Chief Executive

2006-2017: Investment Director of HALISOL
2010-2014: Member of the Executive Board of GEOS
2000-2006: Associate Director of Investment Funds Development & Partnership

EM Lyon MSIF 2000: Master of Laws


Advisor of the President

Honory Inspector-General of the National Police

1998-2004: Assistant Director of the DST in charge of the fight against international terrorism
1994-1998: Director of the South Zone of the DST in charge of Counter-Espionage, Industrial Safety and Counter-Terrorism

  • AN INVESTMENT COMPANY Established in 1994 by Dr Nicole Bru, the group is led by an experienced team of business, private equity and finance professionals.
  • A LONG-TERM VISION Since its foundation, true to its industrial roots, the group has pursued a long-term investment strategy. This approach allows the HALISOL Group to sustainably support companies in their development and strategic and operational choices.
  • A SENSE OF ETHICS Working side by side, the group offers its partners customised investment solutions and promotes a new dynamic while ensuring a sustainable future.