Faced with the obligations of information and security imposed by the Duty of care, a complete and adapted response to the needs of the different populations in the company is necessary

The platform GEOS Travel Security, a global risk management solution dedicated to international mobility, provides the following answers:

Country-risk Information

The updated country files and the automated alert system enable travellers and expatriates to carry out their missions with peace of mind and provide the company with a real decision-making aid in terms of its development strategy and the continuity of its activities

Follow-up of travellers

The tracking of travellers from the Passenger Name Record Passenger Name Record (PNR) and of expatriates provides an overview of employees' movements around the world at all times and ensures compliance with the safety regulations defined by the company's travel policy

Geolocation and operational assistance

The geolocation of travellers or expatriates, their information and the ability to access tailored advice and assistance in the event of a crisis are made available via a dedicated mobile application. The flexibility of this system allows it to be deployed only in cases where it is relevant (risk level of the travel area, status of the traveller, etc.)

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