Monitoring and analysis of the political, social, security and health context of more than 180 countries in the world

Solutions meeting the specific needs of companies and institutions operating internationally , in order to anticipate and assess the risks that may weigh on their business travellers and expatriate personnel and on the continuity of their activities:

  • Country profiles
  • Alert device
  • GEOS Daily Brief
  • Customised analysis solutions
  • Geopolitical risk
  • Political and social risks
  • Ethnic, religious, cultural risks
  • Criminal risk (onshore/offshore)
  • Terrorist threat
  • Travel" risk (transport disruptions, airline reputation, etc.)
  • Health risk (health and natural disasters)
  • Information security risks
  • Eco/business risk


  • Reliable, permanent, targeted, operational information based on proven methodology and quality control
  • A dense and diversified network of contacts and partners
  • A team internalised since 2005
  • A multilingual team specialised by geographical areas
GEOS Services