To carry out its SecurityConsulting & Engineering services, GEOS capitalises on its years of experience and proposes the implementation of a SecurityIntegrated Management System (SMIS) based on the following four functional pillars:

  • Anticipation: information collection, processing and analysis
  • Prevention: training, awareness-raising and staff follow-up
  • Operational conduct: protection, support and surveillance
  • response: warning and management of hazards, incidents and crises


Organisational advice

  • Support in setting up a security organisation
  • Support for the implementation of a crisis management system
  • Organisational Security Audit - Corporate and/or local
  • Declination at local level


  • Optimising safety management
  • Ensuring consistency in risk management (organisational and financial consistency)


Drafting of plans and procedures

  • General safety policy
  • Travel policy - Security for travel / expatriates / business travellers
  • Crisis management plan
  • Evacuation plan


  • Create a security reference system that includes all the principles and rules adopted by management in the implementation of a project.
  • Facilitate the day-to-day management of security for the staff in charge
  • Inform employees of the procedure to be followed, particularly in the event of a crisis and/or evacuation
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