GEOS Info : [Uzbekistan] 2015-03-29: National: Presidential election. - [Nigeria] 2015-03-28: Nationwide: Presidential and legislative elections. Restrictions of movements bewteen 8AM and 5PM at the national level and bewteen 6AM and 6PM in Lagos. Clashes vey likely to happen. Comply with the authorities orders and stay in a safe place. - [Burundi] 2015-03-27: Bujumbura, Presidence / Prince Louis Rwagasore Stadium : Demonstration organised by the Campaign against expensive life coalition from 10am. Strengthened vigilance. - [Pakistan] 2015-03-27: Sindh (South), Karachi, Quaidabad: Explosion of a bomb against a police patrol. 2 killed and 15 wounded. - [South Sudan] 2015-03-27: Jonglei State (centre-east), Ayod : Fighting reported since Wednesday between government troops and SPLM-IO rebels. At least 55 killed. -

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