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Novosibirsk Oblast, Novosibirsk: Criminality - 09/02/2016

Niveau 3

The robbery of a pawnbroker was reported this afternoon in Novosibirsk, without causing casualties.
GEOS analysis:
The assault committed by a gunman took place in the Station area and a suspect was quickly arrested. Furthermore, the robbery of an ATM was reported this night in Novosibirsk, in Kirov Raion, in the south of the city.


Yemen, Governorates of Chabwah and Abyan (South), Rawda and Maraqesha: Attacks - 04/02/2016

Niveau 5

12 members of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) were killed by drone strikes in the South of the country these recent days.
GEOS analysis:
A drone attack killed this morning 6 jihadists affiliated to AQAP aboard their vehicle in the town of Rawda, located in the desert area of the governorate of Chabwah (South). Moreover, in the night of 3 to 02/04, a similar attack targeted activists of this organisation in the locality of Maraqesha, in the governorate of Abyan in the South.



Algiers - Security Situation - October 2015

The security situation is affected by high volatility over the whole territory due to an unstable regional context, the presence of active terrorist networks – particularly in Kabylia and in the Great South –, an important crime rate and recurrent social movements which are regularly marked by clashes with security forces. Moreover, employment, housing and infrastructures remain a serious source of tension throughout Algeria. They are regularly the cause of spontaneous gatherings which often result in violent confrontations with security forces...

Nigeria - Monthly report - February 2015

The covered period has been widely dominated by the postponement of the general elections initialy scheduled on February 14th and February 28th. The presidential election will now takes place on March 28th while the governorship elections will be held on April 11th. This announcement was made by the electoral commission on February 7th on the basis of logistical lateness reported in the distribution of electoral cards and the deteriorated security environment in the North-eastern part of the country....