GEOS Info : [Mexico] 2014-08-31: Mexico City (Centre): Deployment of 2,000 policemen as part of the Marathon of Mexico. - [Lebanon] 2014-08-29: North-Lebanon: Tensions following rumours revealing the decapitation of a soldier from Franydek (Akkar) by the IS. Young people blocked the Tripoli-Halba road. - [Iraq] 2014-08-29: National: Beheading of a Kurdish fighter by the Islamic State, sending a message to the Autonomous Region of Iraqi Kurdistan against other executions if it pursue its cooperation with the USA. - [Lebanon] 2014-08-29: North-Lebanon, Akkar: Demonstrations in solidarity with the army to claim for the liberation of soldiers and members of the Internal Security Forces held hostage by Syrian jihadists. Risk of overflow. - [Peru] 2014-08-29: Arequipa Region (South), Arequipa: A teachers' strike is planned since yesterday morning at Plaza Espana and should continue for 24 hours. -

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