GEOS Info : [Uruguay] 2014-11-30: National: Second round of presidential elections between Tabaré Vazquez (Frente Amplio, left-wing) and Luis Lacalle Pou (Partido Nacional, center-right). Tabaré Vazquez largely victorious in the polls. - [Peru] 2014-11-30: Ancash region (North), Huari Province: Temporary suspension of the strike by mine workers union of Antamina began on 9 November. Resumed on 10 December. - [Senegal] 2014-11-29: Dakar: Francophony summit. 35 chiefs of State and governement will participate and around 3,000 policemen deployed. Expect important traffic disruptions. - [Namibia] 2014-11-28: National: Presidential and legislative elections. Low risk of unrest, possible traffic disruptions. Avoid poll stations and political party's headquarters as a precautionary measure. - [Kenya] 2014-11-28: Mombasa: Ugandese unions threaten to boycott Mombasa port in 2 weeks if cargo taxes are not released soon. -

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